Interestingly, the whole thing started with just Rose, busking for zoo visitors on the north side of Chicago. That's where the band's name comes from: an empty elephant pen at Lincoln Park Zoo. The bare cage and the story behind it left a deep impact on Rose. The pair of elephants who'd lived in that cage had both died after a sudden separation. Suddenly, turning his impromptu solo performances for street crowds into something more formal became a priority for Rose. "It was this planted seed, this call to arms," he says. "It was the spark of an idea: 'Let's get the band together.'"

Nearly a decade later, that inspiration to move from solo improvisation to a musical collective has left an indelible mark on the band and its players. Still, those first ideas about calling the group It's Evolving persist. These Changing Skies will be released on Itz Evolving Records, through the larger Thirty Tigers label. It's a reminder of the band's meandering journey, one that took them from being a group of roving musicians to being a community solidly rooted in the mountains in Nederland, where the evolution will continue.

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Twist & Shout

2508 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80206

Category: Music Venues

Region: Central Denver


Elephant RevivalIn-store record release, 6 p.m. Tuesday, September 3, Twist & Shout, 2508 East Colfax Avenue, free, 303-722-1943.

"Now that we've got the sound and we can understand how it can be experienced," says Rose, citing a recent gig at Chautauqua that featured full orchestral accompaniment, "there's room to expound upon it."

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Tom Wilkinson
Tom Wilkinson

I just listened to the digital download of These Changing Skies. I so want to see you live. Someday!!!!

LuAnn Foty
LuAnn Foty

If I could do cart-wheels, I would, but I'm doing the happy dance, sooooooo excited to see you guys are bringing your magical music to Minneapolis! First Avenue, 7th Street Entry is small, close up and personal. :D

Tom Ehlers
Tom Ehlers

Springfield Missouri is calling you!!! Hope you can book a venue soon.

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