Ring in 2014 to Ewan Pearson's dreamy soundtrack

Ring in 2014 to Ewan Pearson's dreamy soundtrack

Although there's definitely a place for speed on electronica-driven dance floors, some DJs and producers tend toward slower tempos — an increasingly unusual choice in a scene where garage- and glitch-oriented subgenres seem to rule the day. Artists like Ewan Pearson prove that you don't have to rely on speed to capture smooth, soulful sounds and spread them over a room, captivating dancers with a poignant, dreamlike, psychedelic atmosphere. Pearson's multiple personalities (he's also created music under the names Maas, World of Apples and Partial Arts) give him leeway to explore, and when he's spinning a set as himself, his sound tends toward an acid-house classification — acid-house strongly reminiscent of trip-hop — inasmuch as you can ever classify someone with Pearson's breadth and depth. He'll headline an all-night New Year's Eve party on Tuesday, December 31, alongside Graze, Adam Marshall, Little Mike and more; visit bit.ly/1d3L88B for tickets.

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