Cops on bicycles aren't always taken as seriously as their brethren in police cruisers, probably because they don't look as cool pedaling and wearing bike helmets. But they're every bit as tough as their four-wheeled colleagues — and in Aurora, they definitely have the special skills needed to shoot over a pair of handlebars. The Aurora Police Department, which regularly shares vivid pics on Facebook, posted images of bike-patrol firearms training during the year. Mess with them at your own peril.

Where there's smoke, there's fire, and there was plenty of both in November when a woman drove her rental car onto the sidewalk in front of the Wellington E. Webb Municipal Building and then set it on fire in front of a lunchtime crowd. Police arrested Anastasia Gordeeva, 39, and charged her with arson. According to the police report, the woman had a beef with the Denver Sheriff Department.


No sooner had Colorado's first recreational pot-exchange shop opened on January 1 than it was forced to close — but not because of any police action. The White Horse Inn, in tiny Del Norte, shut its doors after owner Paul Lovato got into a dispute with his landlord over the opening date. His lease wasn't supposed to start until the following day, and when the landlord realized how much media attention there would be, he backed out of the deal. The store wasn't selling pot, but it allowed customers to trade it — something that was allowed under Amendment 64, which had passed the previous November.

An American flag made out of hemp fibers flew high above the U.S. Capitol on July 4, thanks to Colorado congressman Jared Polis, who requested that this incarnation of Old Glory, provided by local hemp-farming activist Michael Bowman, be run up the flagpole. It is believed to have been the first hemp flag to fly above the U.S. Capitol since the 1930s.

As marijuana has become a booming industry in Colorado, so have pot-shop thefts, but one stood out last year because of the suspects: Police believe that two children, age twelve or under, broke into the Good Meds Network, near Sixth Avenue and I-25, and made off with plants valued at $16,000. Surveillance footage of the burglary, which took place at around 8 p.m. on July 21, shows that the suspects hung around the shop for 25 minutes.

Another pot-shop burglary that stood out: Two men wearing black clothing and ski masks robbed the Dandelion Dispensary in Boulder last January, spraying four people with bear repellent before fleeing. One of the victims, an employee of the pot shop, was taken to the hospital for treatment.


How safe are doggie pools in Colorado pet-care centers? Apparently dangerous enough that the Colorado Department of Agriculture considered a rule that would have made life jackets mandatory for dogs in the state's boarding kennels and daycare facilities; the proposal came about because of three dog drownings in other states.

It takes one to know one, but in the case of a horny moose in Grand Lake, things didn't work out so well. Over the winter, the moose took a liking to a statue of a moose in the town and proceeded to woo, court and eventually seduce the statue. Luckily for us, 9News was there, and produced an online slide show of the relationship (complete with a "Warning: Graphic Photos" disclaimer), including the money shot.

An elk that was part of a herd living near Morrison found itself with a decidedly urban problem in April. Photos showed that the female elk had a tire around her neck that she couldn't remove. State wildlife officials considered tranquilizing the elk so they could free her from the rubber necklace, but decided not to, in case the animal was pregnant.

Rocky, the supremely athletic Denver Nuggets mountain-lion mascot, has been thrilling basketball fans for more than two decades, whether by sinking backward half-court shots at halftime or flirting with the ladies in the crowd. Which is why it was so freaky in November when the man who dresses as Rocky passed out while being lowered from the rafters before a game, hanging motionless from a harness and collapsing on the floor. Thankfully, Rocky returned to form a few days later.

In August, Boulder police arrested Richard Moller and charged him with animal cruelty after witnesses said they'd seen him climb into a dumpster occupied by two raccoons and begin hitting the animals with a piece of wood festooned with nails. When one of the witnesses yelled at Moller for his actions, he responded, "All raccoons must die," according to a news report. One did; its body was found in the dumpster. The other's fate is unknown, since it scampered away before police could grab it.

A woman described as having "a small frame" was arrested in December by Douglas County Sheriff's deputies who said she'd been involved in a dozen home robberies. How do police think Mackenzie Mavis, age twenty, pulled them off? By crawling through doggie doors to get inside. One victim apparently chased her down and called police.

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" Greg Brophy, the same guy who actually wasted effort and energy twice trying to get a law passed that would have put Colorado on daylight-savings time year-round"

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