A guide to Denver Broncos fans

What kind of Broncos fan are you? Find your type in our illustrated guide to Denver Broncos fanatics, lovingly rendered by cartoonist Noah Van Sciver just in time for Super Bowl XLVIII.
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Broncos fans are terrible. "Next year/this year is our year!" I agree. It will be your year to make it to the playoffs again. You will skip through next season beating the worst teams in the NFL with the easiest schedule. You will lose to any team that is good or even moderately good. But you will win enough games to make the playoffs and maybe just maybe the AFC championship game. Then, IF you make the Super Bowl, you will be bullied and destroyed by whichever NFC team makes the Super Bowl. Then you will say "Next year is our year!"

Players hate playing on Denver. The fans are only fans when they are winning. I have been on trains full of Broncos fans in the middle of the 3rd quarter coming back from Sports Authority because the Broncos are losing. Same with the Rockies. Same with the Nuggets. The worst fair weather fans.

Denver Bronco fans actually believe the sunsets are blue and orange because God loves the Broncos. That is stupid. God forgot about he Broncos until Tebow came then forgot about them again when he left.

Wanna know something else Broncos fans? You know those "transplants" you redneck prejudice insufferable idiots talk about all the time? I'm talking to you morons with the "NATIVE" bumper stickers on your Subarus who don't know how to merge into traffic and skis on your car in the middle of summer. More than half of the fans of your team are transplants. People from southern California and Florida. Transplants trying to fit in with the "NATIVES"

Peyton Manning is a choke artist. He is considered a senior citizen to every other team in the league. He was an awesome QB at one time. Sure. But he is washed up. I mean the guy has a beer gut. Everyone outside of the Broncos fan base calls him coach Peyton. That should be his role. His performance in the Super Bowl was like watching a puppy get hit by a car. Seriously.

Elway. Old Horse Face. Broncos fans speak about Elway like he invented football. Outside of Colorado when the discussion comes up among friends about who is the best QB of all time, Elway isn't even mentioned in the top 5. Took him almost 20 years to win a Super Bowl. He should be on one of those office inspiration posters for never giving up.

You should see the hard on Broncos fans get when they cheer "IN COM PLETE!!" It is like watching the a bunch of drunk nerds do something they think is cool but everyone else is like what is so funny.

I swear I have not seen so many people where denim shorts since the mid 90s. Where are these Broncos fans even getting them! Its hard to believe they still own pairs of "Jorts" or jean shorts from the last time the Broncos won a Super Bowl.

Funny thing is my team does not even regularly play the Broncos. I am NOT a Raiders fan. They are just as obnoxious. I don't think they even know what football is they just want to fight and annoy people. But that is another discussion.

So what kind of Bronco's fan are you? A shi**y one. But the test should be how shi**y.