Holland tried his hand at a remix of Young Jeezy's "My President" and realized he had the ability to do mainstream hip-hop styles. He combined that with the inspiration he took from Lil Wayne's mixtape approach to releasing music and Lil B's reliance on YouTube. He felt reinvigorated, and his dark tone with the Skyrider Band took a turn for the brighter.

Holland moved to Denver in 2009, partly because he had friends here, but also because he was attracted to the city. Places like Denver are where he sees much of the interesting art and culture of the next decade developing. After moving to town, he became involved in Occupy Denver, a movement that not only inspired him politically, but also helped him learn to trust people, to make friends who have no connection with any music scene and don't want anything from him professionally.

Last year was an especially fruitful one for Holland. He released four thought-provoking albums, including one by an experimental project called WHITENOISE with his wife, Yasamin. He also started The Solecast podcast, where he connects radical political thinkers with music and art.

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Seventh Circle Music Collective

2935 W. 7th Ave.
Denver, CO 80204

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Region: Central Denver


Sole, with Pat the Bunny, Blind Man Deaf Boy, Jack's Smirking Revenge and Seizure Rights, 7 p.m. Friday, March 14, Seventh Circle Music Collective, $5-$10, SCMCdenver@gmail.com.

Currently, Holland is crowd-sourcing his next album, Death Drive, a collaboration with DJ Pain One. He hopes to have it released by May.

"Being involved with activism has given me a whole new vocabulary," says Holland. "I've always been like a poet in an ivory tower, reading philosophy books. I'd never actually engaged in anything. When you see the way that you can effect change, and you see what a conflict with the state looks like...when you know these things and you've experienced it, it changes the way you talk about things. No one wants to be yelled at."

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Dave Gulick
Dave Gulick

Nice read. What movie did you watch that had hip hop in the soundtrack?


This coming from the same motherfucker who spoke out against people who burnt a flag at a Occupy protest then wrote a song about it 6 months later. Not to mention that set up of a black block he and the wannabe Anon people organized so they could get people arrested but then shot a rap video where he had to get a permit to do. Give me a fucking break sole, you are a coward and a two face. You are a liberal NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! The fact you fake it and lie make s you look bad grow some fucking balls dude come out and tell people what you really are I DID fuck the republican party fuck them let there demise be swift and exquisite. I will stop the day you admit what you are.


@seanv2026   hi sean

this will be the last time i respond to any of your baseless accussations or personal attacks against me and my friends.    i just don't have the mental energy to deal with people who are not out to productively engage in the kind of organizing/dialogue that im interested in.    this kind of negativity  is sad and draining.  

1.) i would never denounce ANYONE for burning flags.  if you doubt that, you should hit up my homies that WERE burning flags, on a march that i wasn't around for, and ask them if i did that.  they will tell you not to make things up.  

2.) i've never set up a blac bloc march with anon.  nor have i ever did anything with the intent of getting people arrested.   i'd like to know which specific march you are talking about.  are you talking about million mask march?  i didn't plan that, i just showed up and thought it was awesome.     i was psyched that some folks used my song, "denver nights" for the recap video of the million mask march, but i certainly didn't show up to it with the intent of filming a rap video, nor did i create that video.    i have never filmed a rap video at a protest.

3.) the only thing i've ever done that i got a permit for was the concert we threw i believe on either 9/22 or 10/22 2011, we got a free speech permit for civic center park because we wanted to throw a big concert there and needed to use electricity for the ampitheatre.  if there were similar conditions i'd do it again! 

since you've decided you'd rather be a democrat, then go do democrat shit and don't worry about what we are doing!    have fun with it!  we'll be organizing!  

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