“A Healthy BDSM Relationship Is Built on Trust and Consent”

"Special Farces," Joel Warner, September 25

Ballad of the Green Beret

Bad behavior shouldn't preclude a medical discharge if such is warranted by injuries, etc.

It'd be like telling someone who was injured at a civilian job, "You've got a couple DWIs, and that erases the fact that you got hurt on the job, so screw you." It doesn't make sense to me.

Kathleen Flick

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Toxic leadership started from the CAC in 2001. After the initial success in Southeast Asia, Special Forces was turned from the highly intelligent SF to ninja-type assassins. That's what Dick Cheney wanted, with no military experience — I think he just thought it was "cool." You know, the dark side and all that nonsense.

Direct action is not a Special Forces primary mission. Never was. Have you ever heard of SOF-D (i.e., Delta Force) or the Army Rangers?

Hopefully these pricks will go back to the big Army, and back to ruining that. And let SF get back to the mission. With ISIS, they may be our only hope of actually defeating them.

M. Kuemmet

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"Fifty Shades of Grief," Alan Prendergast, September 18

of human bondage

So if you raise questions about an inept and inadequate sex assault investigation, that makes you part of the "backlash bandwagon?"

My take on this is different. Though Kiefer Johnson says the assault didn't happen, the article doesn't declare if it did or didn't. A sex assault is hard to prove, especially in the middle of an ongoing consensual relationship. It's just as hard to disprove. The school was required to do a fair and impartial investigation; it failed both parties.

What I find appalling in this story is that a professor would offer to make some kid's "life suck without him knowing why."


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Sexually submissive lady here. I also happen to be one of the biggest feminists and sexual-abuse victim allies you will ever meet. I'm conflicted about how to react to this article. On one hand, I believe this woman to be lying based off the evidence shown, in particular what was written in text messages. As someone involved in BDSM relationships, I recognize the playful banter. Stories like this are why not only BDSM gets a bad rap, but also why I have to remind people that most people who report sexual abuse are not liars.

On the other hand, I do not appreciate the tone of this story. It is written in a manner that makes the male appear more innocent than he probably is and the female appear more villainous than she probably is. There is a partiality towards the male in the story that just doesn't strike me as good journalism.

I guess at the end of the day all I can hope is that people do not use this article to educate themselves on what it means to be involved in BDSM. A healthy BDSM relationship is built on trust and consent, just as any other relationship should be.



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