Reader: “How Refreshing to Read About a Politician Who Says What He Thinks”

"Risky Business," Patricia Calhoun, October 16

Choice cuts

Abortion: I say if you don't want one, don't get one. Otherwise, shut up about it.

Leon Wilcox

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And now people are trying to take that right away...insane to think how backwards things are moving.

Annalise Ackelson

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We are also the first state to use fluoride in the water. Soooo? If you don't want fluoride, don't drink the water.

Michael Sabin

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How refreshing to read about a politician who actually says what he thinks, instead of what he thinks we want to hear based on the latest polling information. I wish Dick Lamm were running in this election; he'd have my vote.

And thanks to Patricia Calhoun, for reminding us of what a progressive state Colorado used to be...and can be again.

Bonnie Myers


Great article on Colorado politics from fifty years ago.

Kathy Ewart Logsdon

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"So why...have we not put this sticky issue to bed?" Because it's still about taking the life of the most innocent, vulnerable creatures on the planet, that's why. With so many ways to not get pregnant and only one way to get pregnant, it seems to me that a savvy, modern woman could figure it out.

Also: Ever notice how Señor Arellano ends up with derisive name-calling by the end of his response? I do.

Sean McManus


Ask a mexican, gustavo arellano

spew corner

Usually I enjoy Gustavo Arelleno's columns and humor, but I could have lived without last week's discussion of donkey shows – although I was interested to learn that Linda Lovelace once lived here.

Susan McFarlane


Gustavo, your little question-and-answer column provides no real answers to the questions being asked, nor is it interesting, entertaining or funny. What it is is a platform for you to spew vitriol, racism and racist terms.

That being said, whom are you blowing (chupada) to keep this shitboat of a column afloat?

Eric Wilks


"Equal Time," Patricia Calhoun, October 16

free and sleazy

Thanks to Patricia Calhoun for exposing the hypocrisy of the Free & Equal debate. It is disgraceful that most debates this year have only featured the major-party candidates, but I expected more from this group. It is important that voters get the chance to hear from all candidates.

Beth Hopkins


Your article inaccurately reports that Paul Fiorino "stood at the back through the two-hour-long program."

Mr. Fiorino was not allowed to even observe the debate. He was ejected by Mayor Dunafon's Glendale police before the debate began.

There is plenty of blame to go around for Fiorino not getting into the debate, but I single out the Elections Division of the Colorado Secretary of State's Office. The 2014 General Election Official Candidate List on the Secretary of State's website is missing contact information for Mr. Fiorino, an omission that is highly prejudicial to voters' ability to become informed about Mr. Fiorino.

I look forward to more public debates in future elections cycles, like the Arvada debate last week that allowed all of the gubernatorial candidates on the ballot to speak. For ten minutes, Governor John Hickenlooper had to admit that he has more than one opponent in this campaign.

Harry Hempy

Green candidate for governor

Has it occurred to anyone other than me and Bill Maher how racist and "white bread" the current political season has become? How the clearly Anglo ad voiceovers use "Obama" and "Obamacare" in sneering terms, as if they were expletives? I do understand that the elitist Republican conservatives who fund such garbage wish they, and those like them, were the sole Americans whose votes matter, but I should point out there's a great number of voters — black, Latino, Asian, mixed-race (as our President is!) — who may well decide that the WASP agenda and candidates, and their inherent prejudice, are not the solution!

I do fervently hope so.

Kelly Johnson


While John and Bob debated,

on one issue they agreed,

Colorado should have waited,

before we legalized the weed.

How dare we be so reckless,

to repeal a stupid law,

based on myths spread by the feckless,

that for years we've just ignored?

I had really hoped they'd speak upon,

a matter most profound,

and bemoan the nickel bag being gone

with the hundred-dollar pound.

But no, they both just played it safe, spewing specious dross instead.

Just like two rich-kid '70s frat boys who

never listened to the Dead.

Jeremiah M. Attridge


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