Readers Weigh In on Bros, Hipsters and Abortion

"Bro v. Hipster," City Limits, october 23

Hipster, Bro...or Douchebag?

This is just retarded. What a load of crap. Westword, you need to focus on what made you popular in the first place, which was focusing on legitimate entertainment and arts around Denver. Stop with all this BS. You're just giving your paper a bad name.
Kendra Prieto
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Interesting bro v. hipster comparison. A couple of car guys I know did take cool rides to the Bro Show, where they got free admission. It turned out to not even be worth that. I was not going to waste my time, since I knew what it would be. At this show, there were many exhibits geared for guys who are trying to figure out how to be men. There were too many guys trying way too hard instead of just being what nature intended.

One of the local car clubs here has a T-shirt that reads "F**k You Hipster." No hipsters in that club, nor any bros. Men and women run with this group, folks who have it figured out. Like the folks I run with, they would rather get some rusted steel ready to wow folks at a car show or cruise night than waste time sitting on a bar stool watching TV.

Bros and hipsters are opposite sides of the same coin. To both I can safely say, unplug your TV, get off that bar stool and get yourself a life. Go out to your garage and build something! You won't regret it.
Pat Desrosiers

Hipsters are the people that say they hate hipsters.
Matthew Allman
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I think they both fall under the category of douchebags.
Sammy Thompson
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I've been waiting for this type of groundbreaking journalism my whole life. Thank you, Denver. Now, who wants to go get ironic tattoos?
Steve Vanderploeg
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I sincerely hope you didn't pay someone to write this.
Lizzie Catalano
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This is a ridiculous article. I'm not a fan of the bro scene, but I'm sure plenty of them are lovely people. You can't know if someone is a terrible person because they have a beard and drink craft beer, or if they wear flip-flops and hang in LoDo. Okay, maybe if they hang out in LoDo....

But seriously, you can't just snap-judge people like that.
Morgan Bethany
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"Risky Business," Patricia Calhoun, October 16 Person to Personhood

Amendment 67 doesn't do anything to "protect" anyone. It adds no funds, security, research or public awareness. It's just a way for the "freedom lovers" to assault someone else's freedom. That's what freedom lovers seem to love: the freedom to tell others what to do.
Bob Miller
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It should be illegal: Abortion is the leading cause of death in America.
Michael Nett
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Stupid Republicans (of which I am one), every unwanted child that you want to save — and don't tell me about adoption, we have adoption houses that are full — every unwanted child from an alcoholic mother, a druggy mother, an uneducated mother will grow up to suck the tit of American food stamps, welfare, subsidized housing. And guess what? Those kids will grow up to vote Democrat. Wake up, stupid Republicans.
Jay Cismaru
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Actually, the Dark Ages was a great time for infanticide, which is for all practical purposes the same as abortion. To those who claim that it is a woman's right, what about the child's right to not be murdered?
Matthew Danskin
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Our politicians and our government have wasted tax dollars year after year after year on a subject that has been continually brought up only in search of the religious dollars donated to whatever campaign preaches control over women. Never forget to follow the money in all government matters, as the church — pick any one of them — has its fingers, hands, whatever in all government. The money that these places of worship contribute is overwhelming.
Donell Browning
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What a shameful act to be part of!
Richie Perez
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Even if it's on the ballot or pushed for in a bill, it's not going to get overturned. No one is going to outlaw abortions and send people to prison for it. If you believe that, you are moronic and letting political ads make every candidate a one-issue vote.
Ray Koren
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Where is Dick Lamm now that we need him? Lamm not only was responsible for the funding of the 16th Street Transitway Mall, but the Littleton light-rail launch, the start of the Park-n-Rides, and also C-470. Now we have halfwits who can't even synchronize the traffic lights.
Kevin Sampson

Editor's note: Read more about the Personhood Amendment on page 14.

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