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Back in 1977, Denver was booming. Thousands of Baby Boomers were fleeing the coasts, lured to Colorado by the climate, the scenery, the promise of endlessly flowing Coors. But with the deluge came a dilemma: so many young, active people - and so little to read that told them what was happening in their increasingly dynamic city. That's why Westword was born.

Today, those '70s pioneers now comprise the Colorado power structure, and an entirely new generation has been lured to Colorado by the climate, the scenery, the promise of endlessly flowing microbrews from the country's largest concentration of brewpubs. Westword captures the city for this group, too, with both a new, glossy weekly format and a web edition that's updated dozens of times a day.

As a result, www.westword.com has become both the first and the last stop of the day for anyone who wants to know what's going on in Denver. But the more things change, the more they stay the same: Every week, the print edition is also eagerly snatched up in college classrooms, coffeehouses, corporate offices and at the State Capitol by faithful readers who continue to appreciate hard-hitting, award-winning journalism that both covers the cultural scene - and uncovers where the deals are going down.

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