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10 Things to Do for $10 in Denver This Weekend (7 Free!), December 11-13

Add December 12 to your calendars as National Ding-a-Ling Day. It's a day to get weird, cut loose and act a fool. The holiday might be on Saturday, but let's celebrate it all weekend by sipping good beer, doing art for peace and laughing about drugs. Check out the Westword calendar for more events, and drop us a comment if you know of anything we might have missed for this list. 

15th Annual Candy Cane Festival at Hammond's Candy (10 a.m. Friday-Saturday, free)
At some point this weekend, crank that holiday spirit up to eleven at Hammond's Candy. They're pros when it come to candy cane making and candy cane merriment Take a mini tour of the facility, play games, make crafts, jump in the bouncy house and meet Santa.

Platte Street Winter Walk at Denver Beer Co. (5:30 p.m. Friday, free)
If you need to do a little shopping this weekend, come down to Platte Street for a rewarding and festive experience. Pick up a Platte Street Winter Walk card at one of the participating stores, and visit all the stores for a chance to win gift certificates. Stop by Denver Beer Co. to try their seasonal Tis The Saison brew. You can even decorate sugar cookies in the taproom to add a little energy kick to your trip. 

LINK Launch Weekend at City, O' City (6 p.m. Friday-Sunday, free)
With all the craziness going on in the world, we have to remember that there are still plenty of people out there who are focused on creating positivity. From the mind of Andrew Novick and Cristofer Lix comes the new organization LINK. Instead of allowing terror and fear to overpower life, they hope to use art and creativity to enforce a positive environment. Over the weekend, check out their chain link installation in front of City, O' City. Feel free to add to it with items of your own. Deer Pile will also host speakers and performers on Sunday starting at 2 p.m. Read the manifesto here to join a new movement for positivity. 

This is Your Shane on Drugs with Shane Mauss and Allen Strickland Williams at Buntport Theater (8 p.m. Friday, $5)
Expand your mind with the tippiest comic around, Shane Mauss. Mauss had a period in life where he did every drug he could get his hands on resulting in trouble with the law, barely graduating high school and near homelessness. He has a wild story to tell and it's aimed at making you laugh and informing you on the psychedelics in general. Allen Strickland Williams is a bad boy in his own right, who has jokes to add to the show. Take a trip to the Buntport, and who knows when you might start peaking.

Krampus Kraft Fair at Mutiny Information Cafe (10 a.m. Saturday, free)
There are some people on your list who are impossible to buy gifts for, so it's a good thing we have markets like this. Check out the zany and creative goods the Krampus fair has to offer. Handmade jewelry, art, vintage goods, leather craft and taxidermy. Taxidermy is always a great gift. Plus there's the cafe inside with tasty treats and toasty beverages as well. 

Genius Wizard Release Party at Ratio Beerworks (12 p.m. Saturday, free)
It's that time of year to let a nice thick Russian Imperial Stout warm you up. Ratio is bringing back the Genius Wizard for a limited time, so make sure you wrap your lips around one of those. As an extra treat they have a few barrels of a whiskey-aged version, too. You can pick up a bottle to savor later for $10, and then stick around to enjoy the free tunes from Abrams and Muscle Beach later in the night.
Opening Reception for Art of War, New Paintings by JOLT at Leon (7 p.m. Saturday, free)
A local graffiti legend and creater of Guerilla GardensJolt, will exhibit new paintings at Leon tonight with The Art of War. Whether battling self, community or the establishment, Jolt proclaims, " Battle can only begin with not only knowledge of self, but knowledge of your craft." While a master of his craft, there is always room to grow and the artists will show us what's what starting tonight. Meet the artist and see for yourself. 

SURFACING at Syntax Physic Opera (8 p.m. Saturday, $8)
Presented by the Titwrench Collective, you're guaranteed to have a good time at SURFACING. The occasional series exhibits new and inventive artists and performers. Tonight's program offers drag performances and music from Experimental Housewife, The Milk Blossoms and Aja Dance. It's a wild and empowering night of fun. 

Synth Prom 2 at 1010 Workshop (10 p.m. Saturday, $10)
Synth is a wavy form of music. Even without the use of drugs, it's still pretty trippy stuff — and rather sensual, making it the perfect soundtrack for an adult prom. Come sway to local artists like Curta, Kid Mask, Lone Dancer and more.

The Church of Coen Presents No Country For Old Men at Syntax Physic Opera (7 p.m. Sunday, free)
No Country For Old Men has to be one of the Coen Brothers' top sermons. Come to the Coen house of worship tonight for a tale of the battle between good and evil, greed, temptation and age. As it was adapted from the novel by the same name, excerpts will be read as well. Author Cormac McCarthy should get his own church too. 
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