A guy running into a wall stars in your moment of schadenfreude

Everyone gets angry sometimes. Some people pout. Other people yell. Still others employ the old "walk-into-an-art-museum-and-destroy-the-offending-art-with-a-crowbar" strategy. The ways people deal with their anger are myriad, and they range from the constructive to the bizarre. Falling into the latter category is the star of today's moment of schadenfreude, who, after yelling some unintelligible gibberish, bafflingly takes off at full speed and pancakes himself right into a wall.

Really, the only thing missing from this video is somebody coming along after a couple of seconds to peel the guy off the wall with a large spatula. Rest assured though: In spite of the violent content here, Tom's injuries were limited to a large bump on his head that later became inhabited by birds, while Jerry came out unscathed.


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