A hapless reporter stars in your moment of schadenfreude

The waiter spills coffee on your white shirt. Your boyfriend, startled by your sudden entry into the room behind him, whips around and accidentally pegs you in the eye. You put your car in the wrong gear and back into the car behind you. These embarrassing gaffes happen to everybody. But they don't normally happen on-camera, on the job, as it happens when this luckless reporter knocks over an ice sculpture.

It takes a while to get to the punch line on this one, but stick with it -- it's worth the while. We haven't seen anyone that uncomfortable since Alan Greenspan figured out he was wrong about everything.

And the sculptor certainly doesn't help anything by asking the poor schmuck, "dude, are your serious?" Really, though, the thing's presumably going to melt eventually. Isn't impermanence sort of the point? In his own way, this reporter's just helping things along.


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