A Peek Inside “Henry’s” Hotties

A Peek Inside “Henry’s” Hotties

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Fame/ Celebrity/ Renown: The state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed.

In the days of reality TV programming and YouTube mania, I’m not really sure what makes a celebrity, a “celebrity” anymore. It seems that any schmoe with a decent head of hair can be catapulted to stardom for no apparent reason, whatsoever. They, the pop sensations and superstars of America, have become like royalty. And, like royalty, they are worshipped by hordes of adoring subjects.

Lucky for us, we have our own stash of celebrities to gawk at right here in Denver. They’re gorgeous. They’re talented. And they’re all ours.

They are Denver’s theatrical elite.

Our very own stars were out and shining, bright, Monday evening at the third annual Henry Awards ceremony. Named for a Denver theatre living legend, Henry Lowenstein, the Henry Awards recognize outstanding achievement in Colorado’s theatrical community. Littleton Town Hall and “the Buntport Kids” hosted the event with the Granddaddy of all Local Celebrities, Mr. John Ashton, dropping in to perform some of his very best, very snarkiest shtick to the audience’s delight. He’s wonderful.

Westword theatre critic, Juliet Wittman, has the scoop on the awards right here, but first, we invite you to take a peek at what our stars and starlets were wearing last night in this slideshow created by Mr. Ashton’s cutie patottie grandson/ Westword Editorial Intern, Crow Norlander.

I think you might find that the next time you’re craving of a little “celebrity” glitz, you need not look any further than the nearest local stage. After all, whether discussing the Tony Awards or the Henry Awards, everyone knows it’s not about winning -- it’s about looking fabulous.

And the stars of Denver’s many stages most certainly do just that.

Long live our local celebrities!

-- Steven J. Burge


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