A Talulah Jones 24 Days of Christmas: Day Sixteen

We're all hearing a lot of talk this holiday season about shopping local and what it means to a community. But Talulah Jones shop owner Robin Lohre is doing more than that: Beginning December 1, Lohre will host a reception showcasing a different local artisan every night through Christmas Eve. Check Show and Tell daily to see who's on the night's roster.

Roxann Blue Diffin of Paisley Bird first cuts her fresh-looking pendants from sheets of colored glass; then she batch-fires the smooth, stone-like shapes to fix images to the surface of the glass. What comes out of the kiln is the sweet mixture of new and old that seems to define Denver's DIY look. Hung from a chain, each printed cabochon imbues the wearer with its sweet, natural personality, making these highly suitable for surprise stocking stuffers. Or mix and match a couple for a gift to remember.

A Talulah Jones 24 Days of Christmas: Day Sixteen

Beach-comb through the Paisley Bird repertoire tonight from 5 to 7:30 p.m. at Talulah Jones, 1122 East 17th Avenue; visit Talulah Online or or the Talulah Jones Facebook page, or call 303-832-1230 for details.

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