A Wild Time at Thursday's Do At The Zoo

A Wild Time at Thursday's Do At The Zoo

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It was all food, fashion, fun and wild animals at last Thursday's Do At The Zoo. The Silk & Spice themed gala brought out Denver's finest for the evening. More than 40 restaurants were serving up treats, including a taste of molecular gastronomy offered by O's Steak & Seafood's chef Ian Kleinman.

Visitors toured the animal exhibits and were even given a close-up look at a few of the zoo's regular inhabitants. With the abundance of good food and entertainment, nobody let the brief deluge ruin their plans -- they simply went for a carousel ride instead. And after the rain, we were left with beautiful, cool weather and a perfect sunset.

The event raised money for the zoo's planned 10-acre-large Asian Tropics exhibit that will be devoted to highly-endangered Asian species. For more information on the zoo's plans, visit www.denverzoo.org.

-- Aubrey Shoe

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