Ale Watch

“Our ability to drink liberally is in danger of being attacked by terrorists,” notes Drinking Liberally’s John Erhardt. If you consider global warming a terrorist, then he’s absolutely right: Climate change is adversely affecting the growth of wheat, barley and especially hops, which means that you can expect beer prices to rise in the near future, and that continued production of your favorite brand could very easily be in jeopardy.

What can be done to stop this awful, awful problem? You can start helping at Save the Ales, tonight at the Skylark Lounge, 140 South Broadway. Make a donation at the door (suggested donation levels include saving a pint for $8, a six-pack for $50 or a keg for $100), then pay a mere $2 a pint inside to imbibe brews by Left Hand, Avery and other small breweries. The Mathematically Challenged Quartet (followed by a secret headlining band) will kick off the evening with songs written just for Save the Ales, such as a love song to Elizabeth Kucinich and a parody of a John Denver favorite, renamed “Thank God I’m a Liberal.” Proceeds benefit Drinking Liberally and Environment Colorado, so strike a blow against global warming and get tipsy. E-mail for information.
Wed., June 11, 7 p.m., 2008


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