Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps gets the comedy noir treatment at the Ricketson Theatre

The Denver Center Theatre Company is opening its 2010/2011 season on a light note: Patrick Barlow's screwball adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock's seminal film noir. The 39 Steps opens for previews tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the Ricketson Theatre of the Helen Bonfils Theatre Complex, Denver Performing Arts Complex, featuring a monochromatic set that emulates the film's shadowy black-and-white nuances, stunning period costume design and a cast of four in more than fifty roles.

"Some of the actors literally have to switch characters on a dime," says DCTC spokeswoman Genevieve Miller of the casting, further noting that the actors must almost change accents in mid-sentence at times. "The play stays true to its Hitchcock roots, but it does push the envelope a little more," she continues. "And there are lots of nods to Hitchcock throughout, including musically." In other words, expect the inclusion of those alarming Psycho strings, wherever it's pertinent.


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