Announcing the winners of the Fast Forward Press one-sentence-story contest

After we announced the Fast Forward Press one-sentence-story contest, we received a number of interesting submissions. And now, the editors at Fast Forward have chosen the winners. First prize will be published in the Press's next flash-fiction anthology, and second will win a copy of The Incredible Shrinking Story. Are you going to be a published author? Find out after the jump.

First Prize (publication in the next anthology): Robin Hawke

The bride kept dancing with Steve.

Second Prize (a copy of The Incredible Shrinking Story): Michael

In hopes of receiving rain, he opened his umbrella and walked away from where he'd come.

Honorable Mention: William G Rector

All of the Martin Luther King Boulevards were laid end to end.

Congratulations, writers! Be sure to check your e-mail for instructions from the Fast Forward editors on how to claim your prize.

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