Anthony Jeselnik's five most deliciously offensive moments

Anthony Jeselnik will perform at the Newman Center Saturday, April 27.
Anthony Jeselnik will perform at the Newman Center Saturday, April 27.

Between his standup performances and his Comedy Central show, The Jeselnik Offensive, handsome asshole Anthony Jeselnik has slapped the PC button of just about every sociopolitical demographic the world over. Whether you're a liberal female with an eating disorder or a conservative Catholic who survived cancer, this sharp-tongued mockster will find some way to burrow under your skin.

In anticipation of Jeselnik's performance in Denver this Saturday, we've assembled some of our favorite assaults throughout the years. If you are easily offended, these next five clips are definitely intended for you.

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5. Anthony Jeselnik on pedophilia A lot of comics tend to shy away from telling long stories while on stage: If the bit starts to die a minute in, those next four minutes are going to be pretty awkward. But here Jeselnik gently holds the audience by the chin, taking his time and speaking slowly. You're sure you know where this bit is headed, and then -- wham! -- a right turn makes all that tension worthwhile.

4. Anthony Jeselnik on how Charlie Sheen got on TV In the summer of 2011, everyone was glued in voyeuristic horror to the public meltdown of Charlie "Tiger Blood" Sheen. And when the anti-Semitic wife-beater graced the stage of the Comedy Central Roast the following September, there was no tougher comic than strong-jawed Jeselnik to tear Sheen apart and bring out some of that feline blood. And yet Jeselnik delivers his best material when he redirects his act and targets the universally beloved Michael J. Fox.

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