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The cryptic phantom institution the Invisible Museum is currently presenting No Zone, sponsored by the Goldfarb Foundation. It's the second of three exhibits from the IM to be presented at the Market Street Gallery at Guiry's. The last time, the subject was small abstract sculpture; this time it's experimental photography. The final show will focus on interactive work in various mediums.

As its title implies, No Zone features the work of a group of regional artists who don't use the zone system, a concept invented by Ansel Adams that sets tonal values through meticulous calculations. The show was curated by Lisbeth Neergaard Kohloff of the Colorado Photographic Arts Center and Carol Keller, director of her own namesake gallery.

No Zone includes an assortment of works by Randy Brown, Susan Dunkerly, Loretta Young-Gautier, R. Skip Kohloff and John Bonath, among others; each is represented by a small body of work. "Casey's First Day in Paradise" (above), is one of a series of Iris inkjet prints by Bonath.

Kohloff and Keller selected photographers working with a variety of equipment, from simple pinhole cameras to computers. As can be expected, the results vary widely, with styles ranging from the abstract to the hyper-real. This visual riot closes Saturday.


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