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The word is out: ILK on Santa Fe Drive has become a place to see some of the best little art shows in town, and the two exhibits on display right now, Christina Piña: New Paintings, and Bill Brazzell: Constructs, will do nothing but enhance that positive buzz.

The first show is made up of a dozen ethereal abstract expressionist paintings that have a vaporous quality. Some actually look like clouds or smoke, or at least abstractions of them. This quality is seen in "History" (above), an oil and wax on panel.

The second show features Brazzell's gestural pattern painting, which is made up, at times, of pieces of painted wood. The artist uses one-inch-by-one-inch wood squares in grids, and in a few pieces, he uses found scrap wood arranged in a pictorial or sculptural assemblage.

In one, he clusters found painted molding and joins it with masking tape. The piece is in the shape of a Roman fascis, the bundle of sticks sometimes used in neoclassical decoration. Inconveniently, Brazzell has not identified either titles or materials for any of the pieces here. In fact, there is no support material at all for the show.

But you take the good with the bad, and this kind of oversight is no surprise at a place as informal as ILK.


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