Art with a Plan

Samuel Schimek and Rob Mack are local artists with a commercial streak, and they’ve ingeniously wrapped their collaborative installation, Microclimates, into a kind of artsy business plan, with its own website and social-media persona. It started out early this year with a successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign, which has now segued into a running online progress report, and the finished product promises to also diverge from the norm by serving as a showcase for other brands: the fashion and textile designs of Rebecca Peebles, for instance, and the music of Solid Bump Records.

It follows, then, that tonight’s opening for Microclimates, a series of three interdisciplinary graphic environments through which an audience will wander, will also include a fashion show, food trucks and a pop-up shop selling products and visual elements drawn from the installation itself.

Experience Microclimates and its sideshows from 6 to 9 p.m. at Super Ordinary Gallery, 3126 Larimer Street, where it will remain on view through July 30; don’t be surprised if gallery owners Tran and Josh Wills, who are known for their event-planning skills, keep the excitement going with further parties or activities in the coming weeks. To follow Schimek and Mack on their Microclimates adventure, visit the Facebook page or go to
June 4-July 30, 2011


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