An example of Melnick's work.
An example of Melnick's work.

Artist Myron Melnick's work deserves to stay in the spotlight

He mostly gave up art eight years ago to take over the family business, the Zephyr Lounge in Aurora, so the decision to feature Myron Melnick's work at the Singer Gallery was an interesting choice, writes Westword art critic Michael Paglia in this week's review.

But Simon Zalkind, the director of the Singer Gallery at the Mizel Arts and Culture Center, nailed it with the drop-dead gorgeous Myron Melnick: Taking Shape: Works With Paper.

"Had the Melnick show been presented at the MCA Denver or RedLine, it would qualify as one of the best individual efforts that either venue had ever mounted," Paglia writes.

Melnick's paper-based sculptural forms and monotypes are "look astoundingly fresh now. They reveal in their dazzling palettes that Melnick is quite an accomplished colorist and an expert at creating a pleasing array of complementary tones."

(Find the full review, along with photos, here).

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