Bag of Tricks

While punk’s ethos and aesthetic left a culture-shifting legacy, the women of this global music scene have often been left out of the historical picture. Punk pioneer, feminist and Chicana activist Alice Bag began telling her part of that story with the release of last year’s autobiography Violence Girl; she’ll stop by Wax Trax Records, 628 East 13th Avenue, at 3 p.m. today as part of her self-booked tour across the U.S.

Growing up in a Spanish-speaking household in east Los Angeles in the late ’60s, Bag endured discrimination by English-only teachers, an experience that helped fuel her work as the explosive frontwoman of ’70s Hollywood proto-punks the Bags. “In the general sense, the Latino community could be overlooked as part of the West Coast punk rock movement — but Alice is an archivist,” says Wax Trax’s Dave Wilkinson. Bag will be at Wax Trax to read from her book, sign autographs, answer audience questions and, Wilkinson hopes, play some music from her decades-long career (which she’s done on previous stops).

Today’s event is free; for more information, visit or, or call the store at 303-831-7246.
Sat., July 14, 3 p.m., 2012


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