Barbecue and craft beer tonight at Whole Foods in Glendale

The tiny town of Glendale has been doing a bang-up job of celebrating July 4th for years -- though its festivities never a actually fell on Independence Day, since that would have competed with other municipalities that shot off their own spectaculars on the holiday proper. And a few years ago, the Glendale Whole Food added to the fun with an old-fashioned cookout on its patio -- which also happened to provide prime fireworks viewing for well-served patrons.

Sadly, because of fire danger, there will be no fireworks show this year. But the party will go on.

The party, which starts at 5 p.m., includes free activities for kids and live music, as well as a feast that includes brats, burgers (meat and veggie), salads, snacks and desserts for a nominal price. And new this year is a Colorado Craft Beer tasting for adults that starts at 7 p.m., and costs $12 per person.

Things are looking up for fun before the Fourth -- even if there won't be any fireworks in that sky. For more details, visit Whole Foods online.

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