Be What You Eat

They say we have a beautiful weekend approaching, and there are few places in the state more beautiful this time of year than the environs of Delta County, where the wine grapes and orchards are peaking. And Colorado Art Ranch, the rootless organization that hosts “Artposiums” twice yearly at changing locations across the state couldn’t have picked a better spot for its latest event: the Delta County Artposium: Dinner Stories, taking place in Cedaredge and other Delta County locales, beginning September 25 and continuing through Sunday, September 27.

The weekend’s local-food-oriented agenda includes a poetry workshop in an orchard with Colorado poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, hands-on grape picking with vintners Jim and Jeanne Durr (and a subsequent wine-bottling workshop), a culminating Sunday luncheon at Redlands Mesa Grange and much more; though some events are sold out, there’s still plenty to choose from at this late minute, should you decide to go on a whim. Be what you eat: Get details, prices and register online at
Sept. 25-27, 2009


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