Beauty And The Breast

Pieces of art from all over the country will be displayed in Bras, Bangles and Bunions, a collaboration of the Colorado Women’s Caucus for the Arts and TACtile Textile Arts Center. “It was a project that the WCA had thought of some years ago, and we just hadn’t gotten around to doing it,” says WCA spokeswoman Leslie Aguillard. “We tend to throw out a lot of ideas when we do brainstorming for up-coming shows, and we come up with thematic titles. We try to come up with things that will conjure some sort of visual image or feeling.”

That image is particularly broad-based for this show. “It’s more of an artists’ take on the whole fashion industry,” explains Aguillard. Those artists’ takes feature textiles, naturally, plus items like a sculptor’s body casts of a painter and a poet, which were decorated by the painter and poet (respectively) after setting, collages made with dry-cleaning tags and other labels, a stoneware power suit and altered books.

Bras, Bangles and Bunions opens today at Habitat Gallery, 828 Santa Fe Drive, with a reception tomorrow from 6 to 9 p.m. It will remain on display through February 27; call 303-534-9740 for more information.
Feb. 3-27, 2011


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