Behold, The Straw Rappers: Dad clown Jesus freaks who are down with the sickness

At first, the Straw Rappers' message isn't quite clear. But as you get through the minute and a half "Sickness" segment you realize: These dudes aren't talking about the common cold, they're talking about Jesus. Cleverly disguised as License To Ill-era Beastie Boys inspired rodeo clowns, this duo makes praying cool. So cool in fact that they have us convinced that if you don't pray, you might get the croup.

If the Christan rap about praying to yield off a cold isn't your bag, the Straw Rappers have plenty of other videos covering pertinent topics like littering, cleaning house and uh,

groups of two

, or something. We have no idea who or what they are affiliated with, but all we want to know is: where did these guys get those rad Pinocchio noses?


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