Best Mix of Local and National Artists

Though abstraction began pushing aside other styles almost a century ago, modern artists have persisted in their desire to capture the human figure. The Human Factor, at Metro State's Center for the Visual Arts, proved the point. Half of it was a traveling exhibit highlighting objects from Nebraska's Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden, including paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures by important American artists such as Richard Diebenkorn, David Park and Louise Bourgeois. The other half, organized by the CVA's then-director, Sally Perisho, was made up of the work of established contemporary Colorado artists like Matt O'Neill, Jeff Starr and Floyd Tunson. Insisting on a local slant was just one of Perisho's great strengths. No one knew it at the time -- not even Perisho -- but the show was her swan song at the venue after a triumphant ten-year run.


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