"Big Baby Jesus Dog," the third entry in the "Week of a Woman" photo contest

"Big Baby Jesus Dog," Macbook, 2011.
"Big Baby Jesus Dog," Macbook, 2011.
Bree Davies

Like most things in my life, I do not own this hound. I don't own anything that needs me to care for it in order for it to survive. Luckily, my only job involving this dog is to love him. The rest of the time, he is sleeping or playing with one of his fifty tennis balls or frolicking with the other dogs. Find me a baby that does all of that, and I will surely take him off of your hands.

For this photo in particular, I thought I would take my computer onto my back porch, to show that I do, in fact, have contact with the outside world. This outside world also provided me with the devastatingly gorgeous sunlit background that not only made me look more saintly than I am, but also made this pup look like a little angel baby Jesus dog from heaven. Which he is most of the time, anyway. When he's not barking at the car alarm going off on the truck outside of my house, eighteen-hundred-million times a day.

Photos for the "Week of a Woman" contest should be submitted to the Colorado Mills Flickr by October 12, and the best entries will be awarded $100 to $250 American Express gift cards. See my first photo entry here. And the second entry here.

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