Big Kahane

In June, performing-arts professionals from across the country will land in Denver for the National Performing Arts Convention, a first-ever venture organized by nearly thirty performing-arts organizations. "Never before have all these disciplines gotten together," says NPAC's Ross Moonie. And the cross-discipline brainstorming has already begun at, where NPAC has started a blog with weekly postings from a variety of creative minds. First up: Jaime Green, a 25-year-old literary associate at MCC Theater, who wondered: "What happens when the old audiences die off? Will there be anyone stepping up to the bat to replace them? Not if the people who are young (and poor) now don't get into the habit of seeing theatre. Now. While we're still young and poor." On April 7, composer Nico Muhly chimed in, followed by dancer Kristin Sloan, founder and editor of The Winger, and pianist Jeremy Denk. Today, Jeffrey Kahane joins the discussion. The renowned pianist and conductor is in his eleventh season as music director of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra — but here he's better known as the head of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. The subject of his blog: "The Denver Model: Building Local Support for the Arts." And during the convention, which runs June 10 through 14, Denverites will have ample opportunity to show their support at performances and events open to the public; for more information or to register for the entire convention ($350 until June 1), go to
Mon., April 28, 2008


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