Bite This

Okay, fine — so times are tough. You’re couch-diving to scrape up enough change to fill your gas tank, you get chest pains every time you check your 401(k), and you’re scrimping and saving and pinching pennies till they beg for mercy. But that’s no reason to miss out on fine dining. In fact, even with the price of gas factored in, you’ll be saving money if you head to Boulder today and visit one of the dozens of restaurants participating in the third annual First Bite Boulder. You’ll pay a measly $26 for a gourmet, three-course, prix fixe meal. How’s that for a deal?

“People totally love it,” says First Bite media contact Kate Lacroix. “The restaurants love it because this is traditionally a low-revenue period for restaurants, right before the holidays. Diners love it because it’s a value.” Indeed, what’s not to love?

First Bite Boulder continues through November 22; for a complete restaurant list and other information, visit
Nov. 15-22, 2008


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