Bizarre Bazaar Bash

Need a new fascinator for Burning Man? How about some handmade clothes for Apogaea or accessories for that big electronica party coming up next weekend? If you want to stock up on alternative items, there’s only one place to be this weekend: the Fusion Factory’s Bazaar-B-Q. “The bazaar highlights art as well as merchandise,” notes organizer Meghan Woodhouse, so tonight’s opening bash — the Twilight Market — will be like a gallery opening, with a focus on the art (and the artists in attendance). “It’s a little more of a party atmosphere, and it gives people a chance to have a sneak peek before the weekend.”

Once the weekend starts, though, you’ll want to get to the bazaar early, because things will be flying off the shelves. “This is the only place you can find all of these vendors together,” Woodhouse notes. “It’s not like you can go out to a store and find this collection of stuff. A lot of the vendors are presenting handmade items, vintage and thrifted stuff; it’s things you can’t find all in one place anywhere else.”

An Apogaea camp will be handling the barbecue end of the event as a fundraiser, offering both food and music; entertainment options include an art project called the Mustache Ride. “It’s a twenty-foot-long mustache-shaped teeter-totter,” Woodhouse explains. “It’s being built for Burning Man, but they’re going to come do their dry run here.” Photo op!

Tonight’s opener starts at 8 p.m.; the Bazaar-B-Q fires up again tomorrow and Sunday starting at noon at the Fusion Factory, 3563 Walnut Street. Admission is free; visit for more information.
May 24-26, 2013


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