Boy to Man

Scott Walker is one of the great unsung heroes of modern music. His career spans forty years, from his quasi-boy-band origins to his eventual emergence as an avant-garde icon. His long and storied career is thoroughly and entertainingly documented in Scott Walker: 30 Century Man, a biopic from director Stephen Kijak.

It’s a deep, detailed look at an intriguing musical journey, told through archival footage and interviews with Walker, his collaborators and fans — especially those among the pop-music glitterati, including David Bowie, Brian Eno, Damon Albarn and Sting, which comprise some of the best sequences in the film. By focusing on the music and eschewing the sort of Behind the Music melodrama that usually drives such efforts, Kijak succeeds in revealing Walker as a challenging and iconoclastic artist who gave up commercial success and widespread acclaim to chase a bracing and unique musical vision. Whether you love Walker’s music or hate it, it’s nearly impossible to come away without appreciating his influence and impact.

The film opens tonight at Starz FilmCenter, 900 Auraria Parkway. Tickets are $9.50 general admission, $7 for students and seniors. For showtimes and additional info, visit or call 303-595-3456.
March 6-12, 2009


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