Bragging Rights

What better validation of a life's work than to get an award for not just one thing, but all the things you've cumulatively accomplished? That's when I can finally say, "Ha, ha, Dad, where's your lifetime-achievement thingy?" Of course, seven-time Tony Award winner Stephen Sondheim has probably done that at least seven times already.

Tonight at 5:30 p.m. at the Pikes Peak Center for Performing Arts, 190 South Cascade Avenue in Colorado Springs, he can tack on more bragging rights when the Colorado Festival of World Theatre honors Sondheim with the Donald Seawell Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition, Sondheim will be feted with various events throughout the weekend, including "Beautiful Girls, a Sondheim Tribute" — a collage of songs drawn from his works that explores a woman's journey through the different stages of her life — as well as a champagne-and-dessert award reception and the Sound of Sondheim Symposium. Ticket prices vary. For more information, go to
Sept. 20-30, 2007


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