Bring It On

Buntport has done it again. The little theater company that could has come up with another unique programming concept to bring people in the door at 717 Lipan Street on the third Tuesday of each month. If you’re a fan of Pecha Kucha Night or Teacher’s Pet, then you’ll love the third theme to rotate into the lineup: Buntport Versus. “In general, we were looking at ways to sort of supplant what we had done with the sitcom,” explains the troupe’s Evan Weissman. “When we started brainstorming, we thought that it would be great to expose our audience to other organizations and people that we dig in Denver and expose their audiences to what we do. The whole idea, us versus them — it’s a false cockiness that we think is fun. Because when you step back, it’s stupid. Six people who work in a theater taking on anyone at anything else? We’re bound to fail. “Each Buntport Versus will be a little different, depending on who we’re battling,” he continues, “but here’s what will most likely stay the same: There’ll usually be a short video portion, a mini-documentary that will usually involve a history of what they do, and then us asking them how we can beat them at their own game. The rest of the evening will be the battle. And there will be a challenge that neither of us is good at -- maybe cup-stacking, something stupid.”

Take note: Unlike with Pecha Kucha Night or Teacher’s Pet, Buntport will take reservations for Buntport Versus –so you’ll want to sign up early. Tickets are $10; to reserve yours, visit or call 720-946-1388.
Third Tuesday of every month. Starts: Feb. 17. Continues through Dec. 15, 2009


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