Bros and Ho Ho Hos

SantaCon isn't about celebrating the Christmas holiday -- it's about dismantling the illusion and lore. "We're just scratching the surface of a pagan tradition based on red blood and white fur," says Ms. Terious, chief instigator of SantaCon 2011. Ms. Terious, who brought the makeshift gathering of misfit Nicks to the Mile High City from San Francisco more than fifteen years ago, says the event began as a small celebration for some friends with December birthdays but eventually grew into a phenomenon involving adults in full St. Nick regalia crashing bars in flash mob-style takeovers.

Ms.Terious makes it clear that SantaCon isn't a bar crawl, but rather a costumed gathering in good fun -- so come decked out in head-to-toe Santa style or some other kind of holiday-themed apparel. In other words, you can dress up as a Christmas tree or the Easter Bunny, but just a Santa hat won't do: These renegade Santas go all or nothing.

To find out where and when the fun begins, you'll have to follow the group on Twitter at The Saint Nicks plan to end the night with an 11 p.m. wind-down at Shag Lounge, 830 15th Street. The event itself is free, but those wanting to catch a ride on Santa's "sleigh -- read: party bus -- must be of legal drinking age, and there's a $10 fee for first-come, first-served seating. For more information on SantaCon Denver, visit
Sat., Dec. 17, 2011


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