Build bears with kinksters for a good cause

Build bears with kinksters for a good cause

There's nothing that screams "happy holidays" like leather boys making teddy bears for kids, and the Denver Boys of Leather are holding their 5th annual Build-a-Bear charity event at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center from 7 to 9 p.m. on Friday, December 9.

"It's a bunch of kinky people coming together and making stuffed bears, monkeys and Hello Kitties to support a child advocacy group," says DBL member MasterSquirrel. He goes on to explain that Denver Boys of Leather is a community-based group of submissives, slaves and other service-minded kinksters and leather folks who come together to socialize, and they hope to get "as many bears as we can out the door this year for the children."

So will anyone actually be wearing their leather to the event? Master Squirrel says, "there will be a few in leather pants and vests, but no jockstraps. We are right across from Santa, so we have to be appropriate," he chuckled.

The event will be held at the Build-A-Bear store at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, located at 3000 East First Avenue.

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