Calling All Automatons

It’s true what they’re saying about tonight’s Robot Dance Party III at Buntport Theater — a fifteen-foot-tall robot with moving arms and laser-shooting eyes will come to life at midnight, and, yes, the remote-controlled Robosapien will be there to entice party-goers into periodic dance-offs. But it won’t be all glamdroids and metal men shifting their gears and being square all night; it’s a motherboardin’ dance party, after all.

"It'll be sort of like if the Transformers went and had a party,” says organizer Marc Hughes, aka The Postman. “The music won’t necessarily be electronic, but it will definitely be geared toward a massive crazy dancefest.”

Along with the Postman, DJs Wigdan Giddy, El Brian and LV17 will join forces with fog machines, strobe lights and an all-out science-fiction ambience for this BYOB bash to benefit Buntport.

“New Year’s is full of all kinds of commitments,” Hughes adds. “We’re not asking you to make a commitment. We’re just asking you to have some fun. It’s a chance to get out and do something different than going to your friend’s basement or going downtown and getting all fancy dressed up.”

The 21+ party starts at 9 p.m. and lasts until 4 a.m. at Buntport, 717 Lipan Street; cover is $8 for robots in costume (or those bearing food/drink) and $10 for humans. Get more info at
Sun., Dec. 31


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