Car Talk

With credentials such as Miami Vice, Con Air and CSI: Miami on his resumé, you can bet that Jesse Borrego has fired his fair share of rounds. But some roles require only a little star power and a subject that no one's talking about.

This weekend, Borrego will show his range in a production of playwright Roy Conboy's Drive My Coche, presented by El Centro Su Teatro. "For us, there have been so few works based on Latino participation in the services and so little conversation about it," says Tony Garcia, executive artistic director at El Centro. "We think Jesse Borrego is a great person to start that conversation."

Drive My Coche is a one-man drama featuring a Chicano veteran reminiscing about his last summer before being drafted and shipped out to Vietnam. The theme of love and friendship tested by a looming military assignment is sure to strike chords both historical and contemporary. "There are so many parallels between Vietnam and Iraq, and it took thirty years for us to recover from Vietnam," says Garcia. "The healing process for some Iraq veteranos is just beginning, and we want this play to initiate that process."

Drive My Coche opens tonight at 8 p.m. and runs through Saturday; tickets range from $15 to $18. In addition to performing in the play, Borrego will participate in story circles with local Armed Forces veterans and lead student workshops today through Sunday. It all takes place at El Teatro, 4725 High Street. For more information, call 303-296-0219 or visit
Feb. 8-10, 8:05 p.m.


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