Charlie Price producing style for 303's Denver Fashion Weekend

One of Denver's most anticipated fashion events, 303's Denver Fashion Weekend hits City Hall on November 9 and 10. One of the creative forces behind 303's Denver Fashion Week is Charlie Price, the show's producer and former reality star of Shear Genius. We caught up with Price to find out what to expect on Saturday night.

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Westword: You have been on the beauty and fashion scene in Denver for a while. What are you up to?

Charlie Price: I've been in the business for about thirty years and doing hair for about 26 years. I am currently the International Creative consultant for Scruples Salon Products, I work at Halo Salon two and half days a week, consult for Antoine du Chez and I facilitate workshops at Tru Beauty on how to style for photo shoots.

You are officially the hardest-working man in the beauty business. How did you get connected with 303 Magazine and ultimately become producer of DFW?

I connected with 303 back when it was known as a club guide and then E-Gen, an underground fashion magazine with an online presence and in print two times a year. AB Aharonian, 303's publisher, and I created a space to celebrate local stylists, designers and salons which grew into 303 DFW. I started from doing hair for fashion shows, producing hair shows and ultimately moved over to doing both fashion and hair.

What is the vision for 303 DFW?

Our vision is to present a clean, polished show for local designers. An uncluttered experience that doesn't have a million elements. All there needs to be is great hair, clothes, models and music. I have a staff of five; we go around doing shows together. On the day of the show, we will rehearse the hell out of the models. We give the designers the freedom to do what they want -- unfettered, no theme. It's their vision as well that will be for everyone to see on the runway.

What are your thoughts on the state of the fashion community in Denver?

Splintered. There are mainstream, high-end offerings like Neimans and then there is the complete opposite, people who throw crappy shit together and try to pass it off as fashion and use it to be cool. Then there is the middle, I place myself there and Mona (Lucero) and Deb (Henriksen) and others. We care about quality and our reputations. I love working with everyone, but the folks in the middle need the most support. There is no industry here in Denver; there are fashion enthusiasts. Ninety-nine percent are surprised to learn that the fashion is a lot of work. It is up to us to help guide people who are interested in this business and to give them a place to be creative.

Why should people attend 303 DFW?

It's a visual feast, from the commercial to the outrageous! There will be over 200 models and some of the best people -- high-quality local designers, salons, stylists and makeup artists -- in Denver. We will have one of the most diverse runways ever, a smorgasbord of beauty and with that a special surprise for our viewers.

303 Denver Fashion Week is November 9-10 at City Hall Amphitheater, 1144 Broadway. Tickets, $20-50, are available at

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