Cold, Dead Festival

The world probably has room for only one festival dedicated to a cryogenically frozen dead Norwegian, and it’s not in Norway. Started in 2002 to honor Grandpa Bredo, put on dry ice in a shed by relatives after he passed away back in 1989 (he’s still there, even if the relatives have moved on), Frozen Dead Guy Days heats up Nederland every March.

This year’s festival runs through Sunday and includes all the events that have become so popular in the past: the Frozen Salmon Toss and Frozen Turkey Bowling, for example, with Frozen Rump Roast Bowling added this year. But frozen meats are just a small part of the entertaining lineup, which also includes a lot of live music, a lot of food, a parade, a coffin race (six pallbearers and one guy in the coffin take on an obstacle course) and tours of the dead guy’s shack. “There’s like a million little things going on,” says director Amanda MacDonald.

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March 4-6, 2011


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