Colorado skateboard film crews hit the streets with new spring edits

Some of our favorite local skate crews have been busy this month, dropping Spring video clips that will have you ready to take to the streets. First up... Ben Ericson and Tristan Minton's 2012 Spring Street Trash edit (above) featuring the 303 Boards team.

Boulder's Meta Skateboards team has been on the move, too, with a Spring edit teasing a forthcoming full-length Fall feature:

The noLove Skateboarding crew has been loving some fun with new several new features in their club(house):

And, for good measure, check out this highlight reel from Phoenix Am 2012, where Julian Christianson -- our Best of Denver 2012 Best Skateboarder pick -- finished in second place, behind Ben Hatchell:

Here's the full webcast from Phoenix Am:

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