Combo Plate

From the start, RedLine has had a hybrid identity: It’s a place where artists maintain studios; it’s a venue for exhibitions; and it aims to integrate art into the public realm. And clearly, the hiring in June of P. J. D’Amico as RedLine’s director means that the public component will get a major push, as D’Amico comes from the community-development world rather than the art scene.

A great example of this new thrust is today’s launch of the ten-day event Masters of Art, Sound and Love, sponsored by the Audio Art Group. “It’s described as a mash-up,” says D’Amico. “With a mash-up, the creativity of young people allows them to own their art. They’re not playing by rules and they’re not narrowly defining themselves, so there’s a whole host of new creative categories.”

There will be an art show, of course, but it’s been relegated to a stage set for a non-stop series of poetry readings, music and scratch-artist performances, film screenings and lectures. It all starts at noon today at RedLine, 2350 Arapahoe Street, and runs until 10 p.m.; the multimedia event stays open through September 26. For more information, go to
Sept. 16-26, 2010


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