Comic Adam Cayton-Holland booked for Conan January 29

Comic Adam Cayton-Holland booked for Conan January 29

Denver comic and former Westword scribe Adam Cayton-Holland will be making his standup debut on TBS's Conan next Tuesday, January 29. "This is my first appearance on a late-night TV show," Cayton-Holland tells us. "I did a small spot on the TV show Happy Endings, but yeah, in terms of late night and as a comic, this is my debut. I'm very psyched."

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Just as appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live was a career steroid for local comic Ben Kronberg, Cayton-Holland's late-night debut on Conan is a significant milestone for a man whose comedy team, Grawlix, has already been gaining a lot of national attention.

Cayton-Holland broke the news on his blog, saying that he sees getting the nod from Conan as much more than just a career boost. He's had life-long affection for the funniest ginger in late-night history:

Conan is someone I've respected for so long. He wrote my absolute favorite episode of The Simpsons, "Homer Goes to College," and as a Simpsons-fanatic back in the day, meeting the man behind so many of my favorite comedic moments of all time is elating. But ever since I've started watching him, I've been a fan. I respect and admire him as much as anybody in entertainment. Who knows what it means as a career for a stand-up, we shall see. Hopefully a milestone. But I know that Conan is the sought-ought after TV appearance amongst my comic peers because so many of us grew up laughing our asses off at his work. Everyone I know respects Conan O'Brien implicitly.

Before tuning in TBS for Adam Cayton-Holland's appearance on Conan on January 29, you can catch him headlining tonight at The Voodoo Comedy Playhouse at 8 p.m. Click here for more information.


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