Comment of the day: Creature from hell

Comment of the day: Creature from hell

It's long been our position that the Evil Blue Horse that guards DIA is pretty much the baddest-ass public art maybe anywhere in the world -- what other city would put something that fucking METAL right outside its airport? -- and so when we put together a list of best public art to look at while stoned for 420 yesterday, old Evil Blue came in at the top of the list. Turns out, our readers agree.

Reader Travis Burns had this to say:

I still favor the horse of doom. Any great piece of art that kills its creator is awesome. That thing is blue, with fire red eyes, talk about a horse from hell. I love it, however DIA is whack though, I am not surprised that there is a creature from hell guarding that horrible place.

Yup, we're with you all the way, dude. And DIA is pretty freaky.

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