Comment of the day: "The night skies are teeming with activity"

When it comes to UFOs, we tend to be a little more skeptical, perhaps, than many. At least Kiernan Maletsky was clearly more than a tad skeptical of what he called the "grainy specks in motion" in the videos of magnetflipper, a Denver-based Fox Mulder who's been posting UFO videos aplenty on his YouTube account for the last couple of months. But reader ED is not quite so snarky. In response to Kiernan's post Wednesday about magnetflipper's recent "activity," ED argues that the truth... is out there.

I don't know what a "starlight amplifier device" is, but I do know that many people are capturing activity using infrared binoculars. The night skies are teeming with activity...

Well, ED, we don't know what a "starlight amplifier device" is, either, but our infared binoculars have never steered us wrong.

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