Comment of the day: "Turn Signals are Sexy"

Officially, June is bike month. Unofficially, however, it's bike-anguish month as Denver's daring, and occasionally dastardly, cyclists mount up and move out -- into traffic. But the relationship between cyclists and motorists can be amicable. No, really, it can -- if both groups of travelers would just stop being dickheads about it.

Jef Otte broke it down for us yesterday in "Denver Bike to Work Day 2011: Don't be a dickhead," a post that solicited this comment from Moodeous:

SO GLAD turn signals are number one. As a cyclist this is my #1 pet peeve. I know I'm not always in the right either, but if you would use your MFing signal we could avoid a whole lot of BS. So much so that I've considered custom making a patch for my bag proclaiming "I

Thanks, Moodeous. And put us down for a patch if you ever make them.

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