I love you bro.
I love you bro.

Contest: Win a pair of tickets to the Rocky Mountain Rod & Custom Show

This summer's Fast Five movie generated a mind-boggling $626 million at the box office, helping lead-footed morons everywhere rationalize cutting you off in traffic while driving 80 in a 35.


However, if you haven't let shmucks in souped-up Civics decimate your love of cars, this contest may be for you. Five pairs of tickets to the 15th annual Rocky Mountain Rod & Custom show just landed on the Show and Tell desk. Details below.

The three-day event (November 25 to 27) at the Colorado Convention Center is also a good way to get away from your family or bond with your awkward gearhead cousin or uncle.

If you'd like to go, on us, leave a comment below detailing your worst driving experience.

Make sure you provide your e-mail address so we can contact you if your story is a winner. We're picking five winners this year.

The contest ends at noon Thursday, and we'll contact the winners that day.

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