Costume Party

After two decades, Sandy Tessier is closing the doors of Seams Like Olde Times, her costume shop at 1501 South Pearl Street. Today, May 10, is her last day of business; she's selling off as much inventory as she can and will be back in the store next week just to box up what's left and donate it, primarily to Denver Public Schools for theater costumes.

But in the meantime, this costume party offers bargains galore!

While picking up a pair of choir robes (that will do just fine as judges' robes) earlier today, I ncountered a crew of hipsters trying on elf costumes, as well as a couple of girls attempting to lace up antique high-button shoes. The Hawaiian shirts in the basement are 80 percent off (and Honolulu-authentic), and there's a particularly cunning, if uncomfortable, white-and-turquoise Tony Lama leather cowboy hat from the '50s. (Sorry, I bought the pink straw version.) And, of course, there are racks loaded down with the usual Renaissance costumes, Civil War uniforms and harem outfits.

Hurry down to South Pearl, and grab yourself a piece of history.

Because the neighborhood is changing fast. When this space reopens sometime this summer, it will be home to an Asian furniture store. -- Patricia Calhoun


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